Shawn will be staging an intimate evening of classical guitar and vocals on
Friday, 27 May and Sunday, 29 May. The show will feature classical guitar and
classics. He is looking for a few vocalists (to sing the classics) and a
compere. If you are interested, please contact
Shawn on 083 262 8802 before Thursday, 28 April.

Westville Theatre Club is excited to announce that auditions for ‘Ladies of Spirit’ are to be held at the Westville Theatre Club (adjacent to Westville Swimming Pool) on Sunday, 24th April at 2.00 pm and Monday, 25th April at 6.30 pm.

This play is a light-hearted comedy set in an all-girl’s school, with the modern-day teachers of the school embroiled in the usual school politics.

What they don’t realise is that the founders of Gibraltar School, sisters Miss Hatty and Miss Matty still haunt those hallowed halls of learning and keep a benevolent eye on the daily running of the school.  When things come to a head, and actions taken at the school cause them alarm and dismay, well something has to be done.

The cast consists of nine women—ages range from the young to the more mature, but the ages are very flexible. 


Sally:  around 22yrs—Pretty feather-brained creature.

Miss Rowe :  +- 45 years. Headmistress—upright, well dressed, cold eyes, grim set mouth – cold voice. Strong personality.

Jane Cox : around 28 yrs—Very outspoken young woman. Very passionate about  what is right and what is wrong.

Mrs Thorpe : +- 40 yrs. Comfortable, rather shabby matron.

Maudie : 61yrs. Sweet faced, gentle person.

Mary Davenport : +- 40 yrs. Elegantly dressed.  Inclined to gush when not being actively unpleasant.

Matty :   +- 60 yrs. Plump—has a girlish breathless way of speaking.

Hatty : +- 60 yrs.  More commanding and incisive. Indulgent to her sister. Has dry humour.

Mrs Emmett : +- 42 yrs. Smartly dressed.  Overly made up. Sharp.     Hard voice. Bit tarty.

If you need more information please contact : Jill Sysum 083 782 1054