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Thank you for your interest in our Club

WTC is a non-profit association, recognised by the laws of South Africa. WE strive to develop, promote, and drive the participation in theatre related activities and projects. Any person, regardless of age, demographics race or background is welcome to join our club and take part in the amazing experience of being involved in community theatre



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WTC Membership form 2021-2022 updated 2021

Membership fees for 2021/2022

Family R220.00
Single R150.00
Scholars and Pensioners R100.00

I’m not supposed to tell you this, but members pay less for their show tickets


Why do I have to pay membership fees

Membership fees together with revenue from shows and hall bookings are used for the purpose of maintaining our theatre and meeting our monthly expenses of rates, rental, refuse, security and insurance as well as for the purchase and maintenance of equipment. WTC is required, in terms of its constitution to charge a membership fee.

Do I have to be a member to participate in any activities at WTC

Yes. All performers, participants and people involved with a production or event are required to become a member by filling out and signing an application and indemnity forms

I really want to be part of a show at WTC, but I can’t afford to pay my membership right now – do I forfeit the opportunity to become part of this?

As a community theatre we strive to include everyone. If you are not able to pay the membership fee up front or by a certain date, please speak to one of the committee members.

Where do I sign up?

You can enquire about becoming a member, either by coming to our auditions, or simply by messaging us directly on Facebook or