Details for bookings etc. of the WTCs One Act Play Festival are under UPCOMING PRODUCTIONS

WTC One Act Play Festival 2019 – Play synopsis

The Tell Tale Teacher :
The teacher is called away by the principal and then
disappears after reading “The Tell Tale Heart” by
Edgar Allan Poe. The children must then work together
to find out what happened to their teacher. 
Will they succeed? or will their teacher be lost forever?…..

Caught in the Act :
Imagine waking up in a bed with a beautiful girl or a handsome guy and not being able to remember the first thing about them or worse about yourself? Trapped in a one act play, this duo try to sort out their relationship but come across an interesting turn where their characters and lines are constantly being re-written and their emotions and feeling for each other are being controlled by the all and mighty script writer. Will they overcome and break free or will they forever be stuck between the two pages that bind the script together?

The Proposal :
A hilarious one-act play set in the 19th century Russia in
which a long-time neighbour and friend comes to ask for
the hand in marriage of his neighbour’s daughter. After
receiving joyful permission, the neighbour, an extreme
hypochondriac, and the daughter get into a couple of
arguments that get heated quickly resulting in tempers
flaring, heart palpitations and hysterics.
Will they live happily ever after?

A Cut Above The Rest :
When the wealthy Ms Devonport dies, a host of suspects descend upon her funeral in search of her legendary diamond necklace, but who will get the diamonds?? And who is John Smith?

You Do Love Me Don’t You:
This chilling psychological thriller will keep you on the edge
of your seats. An ordinary household, or is it? Who turns an
ordinary luncheon to an extraordinary bloodbath??

Faith :
A crime drama play about a lady who murders her abusive husband. It is then behind bars that she finds her faith.

The Better Half :
Cathy is up for an award! Will she get it? She just might with or
without the help of her rugby mad husband aided by his
friend Vic. Just when she thinks all is going well the arrival of
the “ladies of the Guild” cause more chaos in this hilarious comedy

The Miracle Makers : A word from the Author (Patrick Coyne) regarding his play:

The Miracle Makers was originally written as a short story for the SFSA Nova Competition. To my surprise it won.  Then I rewrote it as a stage play.

The basis of the story rests in Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom.  At one point in the book he relates how the commander of the prison he was in at the time took him for a drive round Cape Town in his car. Surprisingly the commander stopped at a cafe and left Mandela in the car alone. Mandela describes what a strange experience this was for him. He had never been left alone for many, many years.  He got all stressed and had thoughts of escaping. Still the commander did not return from  the cafe.

In my story Mandela gets out of the car and stands next to it. A police rifleman lying down in the bushes fires at Mandela, killing him. The excuse was that Mandela was trying to escape.

The rest of the play relates how the country is thrown into shocking civil war as a result of Mandela’s assassination.  But in true sf style, a group of people work out how to reverse time so that Mandela stays in the car and can’t be shot. All comes right. Mandela is NOT assassinated and at the end of the play we see Nelson Mandela presenting the Rugby World Cup to Francois Pienaar in front of cheering crowds.  The play ends with problems for the group who are now assumed to be asylum patients.

The play won the South African Writers’ Circle drama award.

Best wishes
A special Mention about one of our external participation groups in the One Act Play Festival, who is doing the production of “Iwisa—The Fist”

“Iwisa—The Fist”
The title  is ‘Iwisa-The Fist’ comes from the cultural value of the nopkiri(iwisa) to the Southern African tribe known as Nguni Tribe. It is said 90% of South Africans initiate from the very tribe, fathered by Umnguni. Iwisa is said to be made from one of the strongest trees found along the southern regions of Africa, a tree called Umsimbithi (in Zulu). Iwisa is used by men and young boys in ways of protection and cracking fruit and veggies to feed in. The Fist is the signal of victory in our country and other neighbouring countries, and so we come with the name “Iwisa – The Fist”. The major theme said to evoke around the concept of a ‘Fatherless nation’. Sub – themes are knowledge empowerment, youth politics, brotherly love against xenophobia and identity.
The show is telling a journey of men in the struggle of understanding the yesterday and today struggle, pressing on what they believe is best for everyone. It’s partly abstract through the dance form accompanied by bits of dailogue. The young teaches the old man something about today, first this seems foreign to the old man and the old man slowly uncovers how it all came about. The show is cleverly done, an approach which is new to the actors sets the pedestal. Slam sounds created bring intriguing thoughts and ideas to the conscious of these characters. A high energy and subtle movements in the same piece makes it diverse. It’s a piece that provokes a mind awakening sense, as to why Africans are angry and sort of lost in the living. There’s use of few quotes from legendary Steve Bantu Biko and Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela